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"I sent Paul Smith's 2 DVD Dowsing set to a friend he followed your training including the lottery bonus feature on DVD 2. After practicing the dowsing techniques and trying it on the lottery, he actually won on his first try and got over $18,000.00! Your training set is by far the most effective, advanced and easy-to-follow instruction I have ever seen. It' the best thing out there. thank you!"

— Jim. Colorado

Paul H. Smith served for seven years in the government's remote viewing program at Ft. Meade, MD (from September 1983 to August 1990). During 1984, he became one of only a handful of government personnel to be personally trained as coordinate remote viewers by Ingo Swann at SRI-International. Paul was the primary author of the government RV program's CRV training manual, and served as theory instructor for new CRV trainee personnel, as well as recruiting officer and unit security officer. He is credited with over a thousand training and operational remote viewing sessions during his time with the unit at Ft. Meade.

Raised in Boulder City, Nevada, he enlisted in the Army in 1976 for Arabic training, attended Officer Candidate School, and was commissioned as a Military Intelligence officer. Besides his tour at Ft. Meade, his military assignments included Arabic linguist, electronic warfare operator, strategic intelligence officer for a special operations unit, Mid-East desk officer, tactical intelligence officer with the 101st Airborne Division during Desert Storm/Shield, strategic intelligence officer in the Collection Directorate of the Defense Intelligence Agency, and chief of the intelligence and security division for the Military District of Washington, from which he retired in 1996.

Paul has a BA from Brigham Young University in Mid-East Affairs, Art, and English; an MS from the Defense Intelligence College (Mid-East Concentration); and is a doctoral candidate in Philosophy at the University of Texas - Austin, specializing in consciousness and philosophy of mind.

He or his work as a remote viewer have been featured on television programs such as the Arts & Entertainment Network's "The Unexplained," the History Channel's "History Undercover" series and "Weird US," "Strange Universe," "Inside Edition," CBS Sunday Morning, and two documentaries on remote viewing produced for German television. He has also been a guest of both Art Bell and George Noory on the "Coast to Coast" radio program, Jeff Rense's "Sightings on the Radio," Whitley Strieber's "Unknown Country," and interviews in US News & World Report, UFO Magazine and (in Great Britain) Phenomena Magazine, and Spirit and Destiny Magazine. He has published articles on remote viewing in UFO Magazine, and about dowsing and remote viewing in The American Dowser, the quarterly journal of the American Society of Dowsers. His book Reading the Enemy's Mind was the book bonus feature for the March 2006 Reader's Digest.

Besides serving as President of Remote Viewing Instructional Services, Inc., a company offering remote viewing training courses to individuals and small groups, he also works as a remote viewer and RV consultant, is a founding director of the International Remote Viewing Association, and presently serves as the organization's president. Paul has been a Life Member of the American Society of Dowsers since 1988, and has served as both vice-president and president of the Society's Chesapeake, MD chapter prior to his deployment to Desert Storm in 1990.

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